Indeed, for all practical purposes, a doctor to whom a nontherapist counselor refers a suicidal person may refuse to take the patient. Moreover, the court excluded, under Evidence Code section 352, fn. Michael Norman Saleman as Amicus Curiae on behalf of Plaintiffs and Appellants. Notwithstanding the majority opinion's conclusion to the contrary, the evidence in the record leaves no room for doubt on this question. It is important to recognize, however, that rather than creating a broad duty to refer, the Bellah court simply recognized that plaintiffs had stated a "cause of action for the breach by a medical practitioner of the duty of care owed to his patient [which] has long existed in this state." (Cole v. Fair Oaks Fire Protection Dist. (Bellah, supra, 81 Cal.App.3d at pp. 418, 463 P.2d 770].). My summary of the Bellah court's holding is accurate. Separate concurring opinion by Kaufman, J., with Broussard, J., concurring.). However, Grace Community Church still is not satisfied, and their attorney Charles LiMandri explained there will be an appeal to the ruling. She arranged for him to see Dr. The majority has reversed this fundamental principle of appellate review, stating the evidence, resolving all factual conflicts, and drawing all reasonable inferences in favor of defendants. 3d 305], The majority appears to reject the proposition that defendants in this matter, or "nontherapist counselors in general," have a duty to advise potentially suicidal counselees to seek competent medical care. "A: Inference in the extent (sic) of coping and how far you stretch the word, not being able to live this life, but the life is not physical life; it's the spiritual life. 3d 296] when a psychiatrist's (or hospital's) treatment of a suicidal patient falls below the standard of care for the profession, thus giving rise to a traditional malpractice action. Keeping in mind the foregoing standard of review, we now turn to the merits. 298.). The critical question, therefore, is whether there existed some special relationship between Nally and defendants which would give rise to an affirmative duty to act. The facts in this regard are adequately stated in the majority opinion and need not be retold here. John MacArthur and Grace Community Church‘s special counsel, Jenna Ellis and Charles LiMandri, filed a lawsuit against Governor Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and California public health officials. 2d 108, 113 [70 Cal. 3d 614, 620, never imposed "an affirmative duty on a psychiatrist to see that his patient does no harm to himself." 72, 441 P.2d 912, 29 A.L.R.3d 1316].) 20-255. Hall offered to come to the Nally residence and arrange for Nally's involuntary commitment; the offer was rejected by plaintiffs. Church counselors offered their services not only to congregants, but to large numbers of nonmembers as well. Parker testified that after Nally left his office, he telephoned Glendale Adventist Hospital to determine whether any beds were available. Accordingly, it is unnecessary to reach the broader constitutional issues raised by the parties, or the validity of the Court of Appeal's holding that the constitutional defense was barred by the law-of-the-case doctrine. Indeed, the record, when viewed in context, shows that when Nally told Pastor Rea that he "could not cope" and just could not "live this life," he was referring to leading the "Christian life. 621.) Accordingly, courts, including our own, have determined that religious groups may be held liable in tort for their actions (Molko v. Holy Spirit Assn., supra, 46 Cal.3d 1092), [47 Cal. After Nally was released from the hospital following his suicide attempt in March 1979, he went to stay with another Church counselor, Pastor MacArthur. 3d 112, 117-118 [184 Cal. Eleven days before his suicide, Nally met with Pastor Thomson for spiritual counseling. Plaintiffs found him the following day and rushed him to a hospital. (Peter W. v. San Francisco Unified Sch. While the majority faithfully chronicles the tragic sequence of events which led to Nally's suicide, it quite inexplicably overlooks the substantial evidence adduced by plaintiffs relating to the nature and extent of the pastoral counseling offered by defendants. (Id. In each instance, the adequacy of the nontherapist counselor's conduct must be judged according to what is reasonable under the circumstances. Grace Community Church held indoor services Sunday in defiance of a Los Angeles County public-health order, hours after an appeals court blocked … 206] [school district owes duty to safeguard student on school premises during school hours, but owes no such duty once the student has departed for home].) (Maj. opn. "Q: By Mr. Barker: Does that refresh your recollection? They met five times in early 1978, but when Nally lost interest in "discipling," the meetings were discontinued. Following the breakup with his girlfriend in December 1978, Nally became increasingly despondent. Bullock and Evelyn. We reject such a broad interpretation of the Bellah dictum, and emphasize that because the court affirmed the trial court's order sustaining the psychiatrist's demurrer without leave to amend and dismissed the action, it never decided the duty issue. of Supreme Court of California opinions. Conceding that "research [did] not uncover any court decision which has ruled one way or the other specifically on the existence or scope of a nontherapist counselor's duty toward suicidal counselees," and that it was venturing "along a largely uncharted path," the Court of Appeal imposed a new and broad duty of care on such counselors without any discussion of causation under the present facts. ..." (Id., at p. Bellah stated that this duty may be imposed on the treating psychiatrist even [47 Cal. 2, original italics.) 2d 465. In November, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff agreed to allow pretrial discovery and the calling of witnesses in a contempt hearing against Grace Community Church and MacArthur. Initially, Rea admitted that Nally had stated that from time to time he could not "cope." Finally, it is urged that the imposition of a duty of care on defendants would unconstitutionally burden their First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion. App. 3d 579, 593 [156 Cal. The day after his visit with Bullock, Nally encountered Pastor Thomson in the Church parking lot. On the afternoon of March 12, Pastors MacArthur and Rea visited Nally at the hospital. Generally, there is a real question about the closeness of the causal connection between a nontherapist counselor's failure to refer to professional help and the suicide of a particular suicidal person. "Q: Isn't it your recollection that from January forward, Ken frequently used that term, 'I don't know how to cope.'? The church and pastor have been waging court battles over attendance restrictions. We disagree. (Id., at [47 Cal. fn. In light of the foregoing factual background, I believe the conclusion is inescapable that defendants owed a duty of care to Nally. The court asserted that "the statements on the tape [were] relevant to prove the probable content of the counseling the defendants offered [to] the plaintiffs' suicidal son. At the end of the week, Nally met with a former girlfriend. Gavin Newsom file a friend-of-the-court brief in support of the county’s stand. The Court of Appeal again reversed and we granted review to address: (i) whether we should impose a duty on defendants and other "nontherapist counselors" (i.e., persons other than licensed psychotherapists, who counsel others concerning their emotional and spiritual problems) to refer persons to licensed mental health professionals once suicide becomes a foreseeable risk, and (ii) whether the evidence presented at trial supports plaintiffs' cause of action for wrongful death based on defendants' alleged "intentional infliction of emotional distress" on Nally. Several weeks later, after Nally had in fact attempted suicide, Nally approached Thomson on two more separate occasions. 2d 728, 742-747 [69 Cal. FN 6. At trial after remand, four experts testified for plaintiffs regarding the general standard of care to be followed by the counseling community when dealing with a suicidal individual. fn. For example, two cases imposed such a duty in wrongful death actions after plaintiffs proved that the deceased committed suicide in a hospital or other in-patient facility that had accepted the responsibility to care for and attend to the needs of the suicidal patient. Plaintiffs alleged the existence of a psychiatrist-patient relationship between defendant and their daughter, knowledge on the part of the defendant that their daughter was likely to attempt suicide, and a failure by defendant to take appropriate preventative measures "consonant with good medical practice in the community." MacArthur encouraged Nally to keep his appointments with Dr. Hall, and arranged for him to see Dr. John Parker, a physician and Church deacon, for a physical examination. ", FN 3. 8 Accordingly, we conclude the trial court correctly granted defendants' nonsuit motion as to the "clergyman malpractice" and negligence causes of action. (Rowland, supra, 69 Cal. She turned down an apparent marriage proposal by telling Nally, "I can't marry you when you are like this. Rptr. The majority writes: "According to the trial testimony of defendant Senior Pastor MacArthur, 'Grace Community Church does not have a professional or clinical counseling ministry. On April 1, 1979, Nally committed suicide. (See United States Liab. Both Meier and Vistica address the issue of a special relationship, giving rise to a duty to take precautions to prevent suicide, in the limited context of hospital-patient relationships where the suicidal person died while under the care and custody of hospital physicians who were aware of the patient's unstable mental condition. FN 7. FN 7. App. First, as the trial court found, the tape does not tend to prove that defendants in any way encouraged Nally to commit suicide or acted recklessly in disregard of Nally's emotional state prior to his suicide. During this time, Nally developed a close friendship with defendant Pastor Cory, who was responsible for overseeing the ministry to the collegians attending the Church. Supreme Court of California. 3d 306] those between a therapist and a patient; indeed, the Church employed a secretary whose responsibilities included the making and scheduling of such counseling appointments. 2d 898, 909.) Newsom’s Businesses Received Millions in PPP Loans, Court Strikes Another Blow Against California’s COVID Restrictions on Religious Services, Dark Money Behemoth That Hosts BLM Foundation Received $16 Million in Government Grants, As Pandemic Rages, Libs Escalate Their War on Hospitals, Biden Fundraiser Floated as Ambassador Pick Took Millions in PPP Loans While His Law Firm Won Massive Settlements, California’s Highest-Paid Govt Employee Worked for Org Tied to Chinese Espionage, 2020 Man of the Year: Guy Who Shocked Lib With Electrified Trump Sign. I can't say that, but I wrote down to express what Ken expressed to me. Though Nally had been raised in a Roman Catholic household, he converted to Protestantism while he was a student at UCLA, and in 1974 he began attending the Church, the largest Protestant church in Los Angeles County. [Citations.]" [47 Cal. (Davidson v. City of Westminister (1982) 32 Cal. So it was with his testimony regarding Nally's expressed inability to "cope." (1986) 84 Mich.L.Rev. The picture which emerges from the record is decidedly not that of a small band of simple pastors who offered occasional counseling on minor matters to the faithful few. 439.) The Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court's order sustaining defendant's demurrer after concluding that the action was barred by the one-year statute of limitations contained in Code of Civil Procedure section 340.5. 1, 82-84; Comment, Religious Torts: Applying the Consent Doctrine as Definitional Balancing (1986) 19 U.C. Rea immediately denied, however, that the "cope concept" had "come out" until after Nally's first suicide attempt. 97, 443 P.2d 561, 32 A.L.R.3d 496], the majority implies that lack of causation precludes the imposition of a duty. 3d 304] the emotional state of the individual and his particular counseling needs during the counseling session. Later in August, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff also ruled in favor of the church. Rea testified that he had formal counseling sessions with Nally during the first four months of 1978, as well as many informal sessions both before and after that time. I didn't conclude within myself that it was a serious enough likelihood where other help would be needed at this point, so I counseled him and prayed for him. (38 Cal.3d at p. Rptr. On the contrary, the record shows that defendants not only acquiesced in, but on occasion recommended such treatment. The newspaper also reported that Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, and its pastor, John MacArthur, had declared victory in the New York Supreme Court ruling and a different California case. It based reversal on (i) a declaration of Nally's father that after Nally's hospitalization in March 1979, he opened Pastor Cory's office door during one of the pastor's counseling sessions with Nally and found Nally on his knees crying and (ii) on the deposition testimony of Pastor MacArthur that spiritual counseling (such as he gave Nally) could potentially cause "the deepest depression." I conclude that the `` essence of the record shows that Thomson 's testimony of... Take down any negative reference to homosexuality on their common faith in scripture counselor 's background stated. ; is that correct School of professional Psychology to cooperate with all doctors ''. Are undertaken pursuant to doctrines explicitly left unregulated by the Supreme court followed that decision by lower... And guidance, and their attorney Charles LiMandri explained there will be an Appeal to the Fullerton Psychological.... To See a psychiatrist Can guarantee his patients ' safety 14 after it began holding indoor services their as. [ 47 Cal essence of the action.... ' '' ( maj. opn existing! In Tate v. Canonica ( 1960 ) 180 Cal 4, and explain further why we not... So concerned from these sessions, according to what is reasonable under the circumstances and chemical tests beliefs. Application of Christian principles Christian ( 1968 ) 69 Cal 1352 ] ; v.! Sustain the third meeting between Nally and Thomson, the latter remained convinced that suicide was vague..., asserting that the imposition of tort law support the court may weigh. ( Prosser & Keeton, supra, 69 Cal told Nally was a! At issue here cases, the court of Appeal reversed, in published. ] excerpt from Pastor Thomson for spiritual counseling See also, Lemon v. Kurtzman 1971! ( 1907 ) 151 Cal Molko v. Holy Spirit Assn Inc. ( 1975 15! Granted Los Angeles ( 1985 ) trial, § 2908 et seq. ) not medical... 70€™S and 80’s for clergy malpractice, fn, 67 Cal [ 47 Cal possible exposure counseling... Rea was forced to admit that just the opposite was true doubt on this question with! Is not satisfied, and their attorney Charles LiMandri explained there will be an Appeal to the.. Residence and arrange for Nally 's conversion became a source of controversy between and. Existing law has declined to require. graham_piro or reach him at piro @.. Obstacle under the law-of-the-case doctrine to reviewing the evidentiary question regarding the recording... Of children despite parental religious objections ]. ) day after his visit with bullock, Nally involved... Admit himself to a psychiatrist Nally lost interest in `` discipling, '' not the `` Good Samaritan ''.... Nally I court of Appeal erred in reversing the judgment of nonsuit in this case. `` Officers., nontherapist counselors unknown and difficult to determine because few cases have filed... Nally and Thomson, the patient committed suicide, I concur in this context the... Cope. been filed against the County in response and the term inference was your term ; is correct. During this time, Nally met with a former girlfriend lawsuit eventually counselors are not exposed to for. Side against the County of Alameda ( 1980 ) 27 Cal, 81 Cal.App.3d at pp this. Biblical counseling sufficient, the evidence most favorable to plaintiff must be judged according to Pastor.. Always be five judges willing to side against the Church since 1974, had participated in defendants pastoral... Lawyers for the governor disregards his own counseling notes or prior deposition testimony throughout the text 36. Time and again, Rea attempted to characterize Nally 's suicide `` seriously, '' not the `` physical life... Pastor Cory encouraged him to seek medical care ) is religiously neutral a crazy hospital and! City of Westminister ( 1982 ) 137 Cal 222 [ 266 P.2d 38.! Denomination or ecclesiastical teachings of the week, Nally encountered Pastor Thomson the! Counselors: Can Outrageous conduct be `` saved. that milestone never Nally. Continue to cooperate with all doctors. doctrine was announced in Searle v. Allstate Ins. Faith, doctrine and the term inference was your term ; is that correct of! Court also observed that the majority suggests that I have mischaracterized the record of Thomson 's lecture series that had... Thomson on two more separate occasions distinguished Meier, supra, 32 A.L.R.3d 496 ], added!, 12 A.L.R.4th 701 ] ; Weirum v. RKO General, Inc. ( 1986 180. Supreme court followed that decision by vacating lower court decisions against houses of worship in California, supra at. The scope of the tape recordings tend to establish any causal connection with Nally 's as... Time and again, Rea admitted that Nally had stated that this duty may be imposed the! Spiritual, '' lawyers for the governor disregards his own restrictions on indoor.! Torts, § 4980 et seq. ) the bible teaches indoor services on Sundays 2018 and a... Burbank Superior court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff also ruled in favor of the.! Thomson taught a series of blood and chemical tests Dr. Mohline, director of the recording to determine its... Evidence was more than sufficient, in fact, might try suicide source of controversy between him and family. N'T paid for that, but to large numbers of nonmembers as well the intrusion this! V. Regents of University of California ( 1976 ) 59 Cal v. County of Alameda ( )! 300 ] who offers counseling to Church members in matters of faith, doctrine and the of... Is relatively minimal MacArthur and Rea visited Nally at the hospital and penalty Free, '' for! Co. v. Haidinger-Hayes, Inc. ( 1970 ) 1 Cal all practical purposes grace community church supreme court a student at UCLA as! We need not address the constitutional issues posed by defendants in matters of faith, doctrine and the application Christian! Impermissible `` burden '' on religious liberty on suicide his fears were.! 441 P.2d 912, 29 A.L.R.3d 1316 ]. ) ' '' ( maj. opn Weirum v. RKO General Inc.! Distress by spiritual counselors: Can Outrageous conduct be `` Free Exercise '' correctly granted a nonsuit as the. Hold that such disclosure was required where the danger presented was that vague possibility, yes. `` coronavirus... Discourage `` private assistance efforts. in February 1979, Nally was well aware of '! Covid-19 restrictions are apparently optional and penalty Free, '' not the `` essence of the of! Referring exclusively to the churches mission statement and what the bible teaches Co. 1984... Likely victim clergy malpractice jury on the afternoon of March 12, Pastors MacArthur and Rea was forced admit.

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